Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the real march 26th

i just turned 18 two days ago and the day was super awesome. i was suprised by two surprises from my senior high mates in the super hot sunny day and in the begining of the afternoon my junior high best friends came with another surprise! damn
i was shocked too when i got a shiped-gift from Alexandra Roselyn, she gave me a cool shirt with a rectangle patern on it. thank you Cool Bestie!
in the evening i and my junior high besties, gave my friend, zebian paskalis pratama who had a birthday too! so we surprised him by attended his family dinner! and we nailed it, he was so shocked.
Then in the end of the dinner, suddenly the lights was going off, the music was playing and then all the restaurant crew surprised us with two cakes, one for me and one for zebian. lol seriously it was the third cake!
then when i arrived at home, there were another surprised! there was a gift behind my blanket and that was from caecilia fenycia, she bought me a double collar shirt. thank you :Di

so it was a very very blast day with 2 surprises, 2 presents, 3 birthday cakes, family and my besties. thank you so much guys, eventho my body smelled like a trash and my face was so pinky(because of the lipstick :s) i thought that was the way you guys said "i care about you" to me. that was so sweet and ill never ever forget it.

Happy birthday boy, you shall be better from last year. Amen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

when I fly for you

One of picts from senior year photoshoot for yearbook